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copycat drink

Michael Coorlim guests on Alcohollywood

Actor Kat O'Connor and I guest-host on the amazing Alcohollywood podcast. (more…)


Free Fiction: Stories on the Go

One-hundred-and-one authors (including me) have released an anthology of one-hundred-and-one flash fiction stories (including one…


Looking Ahead to 2015

I've got big plans for 2015. Big plans. (more…)

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About the Author

mcoorlimsquareMichael Coorlim is a teller of strange stories for stranger people. He collects them, the oddballs. The mystics and fire-spinners, the sages and tricksters. He curates their tales, combines their elements and lets them rattle around inside his rock-tumbler skull until they gleam, then spills them loose onto the page for like-minded readers to enjoy.

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