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Radioactive Grace 7: The People in Your Neighborhood

This is the continuation of a Fallout 3/New Vegas Let’s Play. You can read Part…

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Coorlim’s Guide to NaNoWriMo

It's October! Pumpkins. Changing leaves. Wind. Colder temperatures. Halloween. And the looming specter of National…

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Killing Your Darlings: Carl Crow

“If you here require a practical rule of me, I will present you with this:…

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mcoorlimsquareMichael Coorlim is a teller of strange stories for stranger people. He collects them, the oddballs. The mystics and fire-spinners, the sages and tricksters. He curates their tales, combines their elements and lets them rattle around inside his rock-tumbler skull until they gleam, then spills them loose onto the page for like-minded readers to enjoy.

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