And They Called Her Spider is now an Audiobook through ACX

And They Called Her Spider is now available as an audiobook through,, and soon iTunes. Narrated by the talented Wayne Farrell, it’s an hour long and priced at $6.95.

Creating an audiobook

As the author it was simple for me to create the audiobook through ACX. I just uploaded the first few pages of the book as an audition, then sat back and waited while different narrators sent me auditions. When I picked one that I liked, he did all the rest of the work, reading my manuscript and producing an audio file. All I had to do was approve the final product.

ACX allows you to either pay the narrator an hourly wage (most narrators there charge $200 per recording and editing hour, well above SAG rates) or engage in a profit split. That’s what I decided to go with, because hey, I’m poor.

Future Audiobooks

In an ideal world what I’d do is cast voice actors to read my work directly and pay them SAG rates ($185 per hour)… but I don’t have a recording studio and can’t pay upfront anyway. Instead I’m in talks to continue working with Wayne for the next three books in the series, and looking for narrators for the Chronicles of a Gentlewoman books (which will require a female narrator).

I’d like to do audiobooks of all my future work. We’ll see how that goes.

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