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Because I’m a writer and writers procrastinate, I compiled a list of which Amazon fiction categories have the best selling kindle titles. This may be a reflection of reader popularity, or of the relative skill of writers in different genre. I really don’t know.

My methodology was simple and probably unscientific: I compared average ranks of the best-selling ebooks. To eliminate outliers as much as possible, I didn’t look at the top 10, but rather the top 20-40 in each category.

I skipped a few. Contemporary Fiction, because that’s like half of the fiction catalog and isn’t really very telling, and some of the more obscure Mystery subgenres.

Top Twenty Amazon eBook Categories

Rank Category
1 Romance
2 Thriller
3 Mystery
4 Suspense
5 Erotica
6 Romance Mystery
7 Paranormal Romance
8 Action Adventure
9 Historical Romance
10 Historical Fiction
11 Science Fiction
12 Romance Fantasy
13 Horror
14 Police Procedural
15 Paranormal Fantasy
16 Western
17 Contemporary Fantasy
18 Epic Fantasy
19 Western Romance
20 Crime

So what does this tell us?

I don’t know. Nothing. Everything. Which genres contain the best-selling books.

This might mean that the top ranked categories are the most popular with readers.

Or it might mean that the top ranked categories are the most over-saturated.

All I know is that Horror came out at #13 and that’s good enough for me. Steampunk is all the way down at #53, but Mysteries are at #3, so I guess that means my books are in good company?

Beats me, but it killed a few hours.

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