Top-Selling Amazon Kindle Categories Redux

A day or so after my original post Amazon went ahead and added a bunch more categories to their storefront. I took the weekend to go ahead and recalculate the top twenty Amazon categories based on this new hierarchy. The methodology was largely the same, but this time my sample was books ranked 20-81.

I skipped categories that were entirely represented by sub-categories. Romance Mystery/Thriller has a Romance Mystery and Romance Thriller category so that’s really all there is to it.

The results

Best sellers remained relatively consistent by genre; there were few outliers to account for. The increased granularity in category means that we have a better view of what kinds of stories readers buy. This lead to some categories rising in the ranks as higher-ranked categories were broken down more specifically.

Last time I presented a top 20 ranking, but in the top 20, the difference between “Contemporary Romance” and “Horror” is only 3000, which isn’t a lot when you consider how many books are available. As a comparison, Cyberpunk has a six-figure average.

Which Categories Sell

A more useful breakdown might be as follows:

Excellent-Selling Categories
Contemporary Romance Thriller Suspense Mystery
Romantic Suspense Erotica Paranormal Romance
Great-Selling Categories
Historical Romance Historical Fiction Action/Adventure
New Adult Romance Women Sleuths Urban/Paranormal Fantasy
Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy Fantasy Romance
Police Procedural Westerns Romantic Comedy
Good-Selling Categories
Horror Romance Western Romance Mystery
Sci Fi Adventure Crime Werewolf Romance
Fair-Selling Categories
Spy Thrillers Vampire Romance Sci-Fi Military
Hard-Boiled Mystery Space Opera Private Eye Mystery
Poor-Selling Categories
Gay Romance Time Travel Romance Legal Thrillers
Fairy-Tale Fantasy Military Romance African-American Romance
Worst-Selling Categories
Historical Fantasy Hard Sci-Fi Occult Horror Historical Mystery
British Detectives Mystery Series Ghost Romance Sports Romance
Dystopian Sci Fi Witch Romance Multicultural Romance Technothriller
Sci-Fi Romance Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Ghost Horror Angel Romance
Sci-Fi Anthology Demon Romance Cozy Mystery Gothic Romance
Alt History Space Fleet Sci Fi Fantasy Anthology Lesbian Romance
Medical Thriller Time Travel Dark Fantasy Space Marines
Alien Invasion Genetic Engineering Coming of Age Fantasy International Mystery
Psychic Romance Steampunk Political Thriller Mystery Anthology
Superhero Metaphysical Fantasy Cyberpunk Sci Fi Colonization
Metaphysical Sci Fi Galactic Empire Arthurian Fantasy Space Exploration
First Contact Sci Fi Mythic Fantasy Horror Anthology

Again, let me say that these rankings do not imply that the books in said category are of a given quality, or that individual books will not sell well or poorly. They are simply observations of the average overall sales-ranks in a given category, and how well a random book marketed in that category might be selling.

I like steampunk. I write a lot of steampunk. Steampunk books, by and large, do not sell well, but that doesn’t mean a steampunk book cannot sell well. While the average rank is in the 60,000s for steampunk books ranked 20-81, the top ranked Steampunk book is in the 3000s.

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