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Revision Process Part 1: Scene List
Retrogaming: 1977

No plan survives contact with the enemy, but here’s what I’m currently working on, and a very rough estimate as to when they’ll be released.


Network Protocol, the second book in the cyberpunk thriller Shadow Decade series and follow-up to Cold Reboot, is at the tail end of revisions. It’s taken about a year to get this out, partially because the unexpected results of the 2016 election changed some of my predictions about the way things are going to go – one of the hazards in writing near-future science fiction. Fortunately many of the changes were merely cosmetic – Erica’s story remains a mostly personal one, but the context she finds herself in is important.

Planned Release: February 2017

Open Proxy, the third book in the Shadow Decade series, exists largely as a set of notes and chapter fragments at this point. Still, all that really remains is taking the time to actually write it down as a draft. Barring further unexpected developments it’s entirely possible to see a release this year.

Planned Release: Late Summer 2017

The seventh Galvanic Century book is also in the works, following James’s adventures while Bartleby has been across the pond during the events of 2015’s Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. All that I’ll reveal at the moment is that it involves the World Expo, the Belgian Congo, and a steampunk space race.

Expected Release: 4th Quarter 2017


Synesthesia Theatre‘s second season, the adaptation of the cyberpunk novel Cold Reboot, wraps up this February. The story for season 3 is under development, and we may see some shorter works – mini-series and one-offs – from guest authors in 2017. The next full season will have to wait a bit, however, until we can afford to produce it – the podcast isn’t cheap, and doesn’t bring in any sort of direct income. If you’d like to help get it into production more quickly, I encourage you to fund Burning Brigid Media’s Patreon campaign .

Taoscordian Games

I’ve been working on a Galvanic Century setting book compatible with the Fate role-playing game, covering the setting as presented by the novels. It’s part fictional-almanac, part author’s notes, and part genre guide to playing in a world of steampunk mysteries and adventures. If you’re a gamer, it’ll give you what you need to play games set in the world of the books. If not, it’ll be a reference to the books, including some details and story elements that were not explicitly spelled out in the novels. If there’s demand, I may write a follow-up book on the pseudoscience of the setting, or drill down deeper into some of the settings and personages.

Expected Release: Mid-2017

Hexbox and Ibu: The Emerald Canopy have sold well enough to warrant continuing with other Dungeons and Dragons 5e compatible hexcrawl sandbox setting books, so I’ll try to release another one or two in that line. I may release more in-depth information on the amphibious Katak, or write up rules for establishing a colony on the jungle’s coast. There’s a list, I’ll do some focus testing, see what people find the most exciting.

Expected Release: Late 2017

Other Projects:

I plan on continuing the Twitch streams I started to do late last year, walking viewers through my creative process as I write my books, edit audio, and design games. The goal, currently, is to set a pattern of doing these streams on a regular basis three times a week. If enough people subscribe or donate, I may do it more often, and for longer periods of time. If you want to see me do what I do while explaining it, maybe check it out.

Resource Allocation Error is a cyberpunk poverty simulator set in the world of the Shadow Decade novels. In it, the players find themselves at the bottom economic rung in a world ravaged by economic disruption, rampant unemployment, and endless automation, while trying to survive by finding a job or less savory means. This is a back-burner long-term game development project that isn’t likely to see an actual release soon, but supporters of my Patreon will get playtest copies at various states of development.

And that’s it, for now:

  • 1Q 2017: Network Protocol
  • 2Q 2017: Open Proxy, Synsthesia Theatre Season 3,
  • 3Q 2017: Galvanic Century Fate Setting Book
  • 4Q 2017: Galvanic Century Book 7, Hexbox Release
  • 2018: Resource Allocation Error official release

You can get a good view of my progress on each of these projects by supporting my Patreon, copies of everything as it’s released, and pre-release versions of a lot of it. We’re currently at $46/month – once we hit $50, I’ll start doing a regular development diary/author note podcast where I talk about what I’m working on, what I’ve been researching, and just about anything else that comes to mind. So yeah. Big things.

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Revision Process Part 1: Scene List
Retrogaming: 1977

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