Dev Log Friday: Prototyping

Progress on Resource Allocation Error continues. I’m at the point where I can do some prototyping to try and work out some of the interior system stuff, so I’ve started working something together in Twine.

Why Twine? Because it’s fast, simple, and lays out process in a way that’s easy to grasp and therefore will be easy to transfer. It’s not a perfect solution, because the syntax is a lot closer to hypertext markup and java than what I’ll eventually be working in, but I’ve been meaning to write more interactive fiction anyway and learning a new language isn’t going to hurt.

I am struggling against the scripting language a bit, but it’s nothing to serious yet. The main game loop is easy to represent, and this may turn out to be an advantage when it comes to the narrative portions of the simulation.

If I end up with something that’s marginally playable I may release it… but if it needs too much polish, I’ll just move into core development.

We’ll see.


  • Basic timekeeping (minute, hour, day, month, year advancement). Got to learn how to use widgets as subroutines.
  • Sleeping and napping are incorporated. You ask me, that’s a good 60% of life right there.

To Do:

  • Figure out what to do in terms of pictures, if any. This is just a prototype, but it’d be nice to have some visuals.
  • Maybe there’s a better way for pre-game initialization.
  • Incorporate multiple characters, skills, etc.
  • Basically everything.

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