Synesthesia Theatre Season 2 Postscript and What Comes Next

With Tuesday’s release of Cold Reboot’s ninth episode, the second season of the Synesthesia Theatre audiodrama podcast comes to a close. Almost. There’s still a few behind the scenes cast interview episodes and a gag reel for the supporters of Burning Brigid Media’s patreon, but the story wraps up, and that’s what I’m responsible for.

How did it go?

More smoothly than season one. Despite my admonishment to myself that smaller casts worked better logistically, we actually had a larger cast this time around. This was balanced out by our use of an actual real recording studio which really smoothed things out. Thanks to the kind folks at Cards Against Humanity letting us use their facilities.

My co-producer Kat O’Connor also worked out a much tighter production timeline this time around, getting actors in and out efficiently through the weekends we were recording. We’d picked up other production and post-production tricks working on Season One that paid off spectacularly.

What did we learn this time around?

I can only speak for myself, but I can feel my brain adapting more to the audio format. What works and what doesn’t. Next time around: Smaller cast (for reals) and fewer fight scenes.

I did more Foley, relied less on using pre-made sound effects in my engineering. My phone is nicer, so I can record cleaner sound with it while field recording.

Underwater fight scenes are terrible.

So what’s next?

Well, we’re going to have a bit of a hiatus while we try to come up with the money for season 3. We have it outlined in the most basic sense, and also have a mid-season one-hour single-episode one-off planned for our patrons, which will be fun. Both have far fewer characters, and far fewer fight scenes, because honestly.

Stay tuned to the Burning Brigid mailing list for updates as to when we’re casting, or support me on Patreon to follow my behind-the-scenes process as I develop season 3 step by step.

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