Doctor Who for a Dollar through Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a digital storefront that regularly offers collections of electronic products at a deep discount. You get one set of goodies for as little as a single dollar, a second set if you beat the current average donation, and a third set if you pay the flat ceiling, which is usually around fifteen dollars. A portion of your payment goes to the publishers, some goes to Humble Bundle itself to offset costs, and the rest goes to charity. You can set who gets how much when you check out.

It’s great. I buy from them frequently, usually video games – they give out Steam codes, so it’s pretty convenient, and I end up trying out a lot of games I wouldn’t have bothered picking up, for as little as a dollar.

Their latest offering is a collection of Doctor Who audio products from Big Finish.

  • $1 gets you the first six episodes in the Destiny of the Doctor audiobook series.
  • Beating the average (currently at $6.64) gets you six full-cast 8th Doctor audiodrama, and a seventh Destiny of the Doctor audiobook.
  • Paying the full $15 gets you all of the above, plus three full-cast Torchwood audiodrama, something called Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, and the last four Destiny of the Doctor audiobooks.

I usually only go for the single-dollar or “beat the average” options, but this time opted for the full package. What can I say? I’m a fan, of both Doctor Who and audiodrama.

I haven’t had the time to crack into all of it yet, but here are my first impressions.

Destiny of the Doctor: Mildly disappointed to discover that these were audiobooks rather than audiodrama at first, but the narrators are very good at what they’re doing, and the dialog captures the essence of the classic Doctors very well. I’m into it.

8th Doctor Adventures: I was a big fan of Paul McGann’s Doctor. Unfortunately, audio drama like this is really the only way it’s ever been presented. That said, I’m looking forward to listening to these – and interesting to see what kind of production values Big Finish works with.

Torchwood: I really enjoyed Torchwood, and was sorry to see it go. Looking forward to this, and more John Barrowman.

So, yeah, a lot of value for $15. Check it out yourself. Let me know what you think, or if you can recommend any other Big Finish products as essential.

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