Trick Shot: A Shooting Gallery Remake

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that one of my hobbies is game design. Now, I’m an author, a podcast producer, and I publish RPGs, so the line between “job” and “hobby” is thin, but perhaps best addressed with the question: Does it make me any money?

Game Development does not. We’re talking video games here, not the tabletop RPG stuff that I sell.

Trick Shot

How to Play:

Click on the game screen above to make sure it has focus, otherwise you won’t be able to play.

Rubber duckies will scroll from top to bottom. You have 5 shots to hit each one, firing by pressing the space bar. The goal is to shoot as many as you can in two minutes. After each hit, your rifle will be placed in a random spot with a random orientation, so the trick is to figure out the timing before using up all five of your bullets.

Why did I make this?

Trick Shot is a very simple game made for a very simple reason. Two reasons, really.

  1. Actually finish a project
  2. Figure out some stuff in gamemaker

So I took a day and I made this from scratch based on the old 1976 Fairchild Channel F game Shooting Gallery. Making the duck pixel art was probably the most time consuming. It’s not perfect; sometimes the gun will spawn facing slightly to the left making hitting the targets impossible. If I had a mind to, I’d add more resolution options and the potential of touchscreen/mouse support.

But why bother? It’s a simple little game that isn’t really intended for public consumption. Just a learning tool. That said, I’ll be releasing a stand alone executable slightly improved version for my patrons on Patreon. Not much of an incentive, I know.

Michael Coorlim

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