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This post is part of the A to Z Challenge, in which each day of April a post is made inspired by a letter of the alphabet. Each post will be related to the research done on upcoming trends for the near-future techothriller series Shadow Decade.

5 totally starts with an ‘F’ so this totally counts.

First of all, a quick primer on what a “G”-Standard is. G stands for “Generation,” and each represents a major leap forward in telecommunication standards, starting with the big honkin’ 1G brick phones in the 1980s all the way up to the 4G devices giving us mobile web access.

This blog entry isn’t about the Gs, though. That’d be tomorrow, and we’re talking about something else entirely. Just know that what separates the Gs is largely what we can use them to do.

Today we’re talking about the 5, as in what we can look forward to with 5G technology.

The big one: Ubiquitous computing. We’ll be connected to several networks at the same time, and able to move between them smoothly. Everything will be networked, from our televisions to our toasters, and we’ll have many concurrent ways to access this constant stream of information.

And what devices! Combined with the manufacturing possibilities offered by electronic paper, we’ll be wearing most of ours all the time, connected in some kind of personal network. The only real question is, how will we interface with it?

Less obvious to many but maybe more important is the HAPS system – High Altitude Stratospheric Platform Stations delivering high-speed internet over very large areas.

One unified global standard uniting all devices regardless of brand, manufacturer, or model.

And all this is only four years away from us, to be rolled out in the year 2020.



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  1. djinnia

    all i think about is terminator when it comes to technology evolving. okay, i’m quite paranoid when machines are smarter than me. 😀


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