All the Games I Never Played

I spent my twenties as a feckless vagabond, wandering the United States, living out of a suitcase, moving from temp job to temp job, and occasionally, from friend’s couch to friend’s couch. It was a desperate and scant existence that ground me into a thin paste and left little time for artistic endeavor, personal relationships… or video games.

I know. I know.

And before that? Well, as a kid, as a teenager I had plenty of time for games, but we were poor. My gaming selection was “whatever I could scrape together at a garage sale.” I missed out on the games that were too expensive, that I didn’t happen to have the right system for, that slipped by my notice, that just weren’t released in the US.

Friends, I missed out on a lot of awesome games. And I think it’s finally time to go back and play them.

Games I Never Played is a project in which I go back and play some of the games I missed. The games I didn’t have the right system for. The games that never came out in the US. The games that didn’t appeal to me, or which I simply didn’t take the time to play. For most of them I’ll be going in blind with only fuzzy memories of era marketing to lead my expectations.

I’ll stream my playthrough live on my Twitch channel, then document my impressions and reactions in video and text write ups, both in the context of the game’s release, and by modern standards. Will it be fun? For me, sure. Will it be interesting for you? God, I hope so.

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