I grokked Spock

When I was a kid I was super into Star Trek. The original series. I liked The Next Generation too, sure, but I was 9 when that came out. I remember watching reruns of the old series when I was very young, filled with this sense of awe and wonder by what remains one of the most accessible sci-fi outlets I had as a kid.

I loved reading sci-fi too, but when I was very young most of the cool books were too much for me to handle, and movies were far and few in between. For me, in the mid-80s, science fiction was Star Trek.

And Spock was my favorite character.

It’s probably that way for a lot of people my age, especially those of us who were smart enough and emotionally troubled enough to see an appeal in a life lived by a code of pure logic. Spock was smart. He was strong. He should have been captain, not that Kirk jerk!

Ah well. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal was an important part of my childhood, and a major cultural touchstone for everyone over a certain age, and a second-hand touchstone for everyone below it. One of those people who added their own color to the world’s palate.

He was 83. He was suffering from a serious illness. I didn’t know him. His death was not exactly a surprise or in any way untimely, but it’s one that I, that many of us, feel keenly.

He lived long, he prospered, and his legacy touched us deeply. Thank you for the years of inspiration, Mr. Nimoy.

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