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Onward to 2019

2018 was a rough year. I started off the year working on the Wayfarer project, only to shift to Android development due to the technical requirements of the project. Mobile is a new medium for me, but I’m enthusiastic about what opportunities might arise from this.

I worked on a few other projects during the course of the year – a¬†speech for the Chicago Steampunk Salon, a demo RPGMaker project called Through The Cracks, the third Shadow Decade novel, and Mrs. Blackbourne’s School for Murdered Girls, a Galvanic Century project.

All this while spending more time scraping up freelance work. It’s been a lean year in terms of sales. Open Proxy has, in particular, been difficult to work on – I feel uneasy when I contemplate the future, and working on Shadow Decade requires me to engage in quite a bit of prediction. I don’t like what I see.

Coming in 2019

Galvanic Century:

  • Mrs Blackbourne’s School for Murdered Girls, an interactive fiction game set in a private girl’s school, staring Penelope Fiske and Xian Yan.
  • Possibly another novel. If the timing works out.
  • A tabletop Galvanic Century setting book, full of the research I’ve done while writing the novels over the last 8 years.

Shadow Decade:

  • Open Proxy. Third book in the series. The draft is written, though I keep tinkering. It’s not an easy future to contemplate.
  • Resource Allocation Error, a cyberpunk poverty simulator.
  • RPG Shadow Decade Setting Book.


  • Wayfarer itself, a walking-tour audiodrama interactive fiction app.
  • Short stories filling out the past and mythology of the Wayfarer series.

That’s the plan, but we’ll see what the future actually brings us. I hope to do some more blogging over the next year, but for full access to my thought stream and free copies of everything, consider donating to my Patreon. It helps fund everything I want to do, and the more support I get there, the less time I spend looking for freelance work.

Questions? You are invited to either leave a comment below, or ask directly through the comment form.


It’s been what, seven or eight months? Time to go into Taoscordian Games’s plan for 2018.


Our first project for the new year is going to be a revision of the Hexbox system. We’ve had a year to work on it, a year of errata, a year of development and exciting new ideas. It’ll still be free and more or less compatible with Ibu: The Emerald Canopy, but probably a bit heftier, with more material added to it. It remains to be seen if Ibu will get an update, but there are further books in the series planned for a 2018 release.

Galvanic Century

Later in the year we also have plans to adapt Michael Coorlim’s Galvanic Century steampunk book series into Fate-compatible setting books covering an alternate-history Edwardian era, where pseudoscience dictates reality.

Interactive Fiction

A number of solo-player interactive fiction scenarios are planned, set within the Heroic Explorations settings, allowing players to visit these stories without the need for a group or gamemaster. Adventure scenario modules for more traditional tabletop play will be developed pending demand.

And that’s it! That’s Taoscordian Games’s 2018 docket. Subject to change, of course.Questions? You are invited to either leave a comment below, or ask directly through the comment form.

Iron Man: 1001 Spikes

1001 Spikes is a difficult platformer on Steam. It’s fun.

  • Playthrough Duration: 3 minutes
  • Cause of Death: Jumped up into some spikes.
  • Thoughts on the Game: I’m not huge on platformers and generally prefer Metroidvania style games to puzzle/pattern learning ones, but 1001 Spikes seems like it’s got a lot of potential for the sorts of people who dig on this.

Questions? You are invited to either leave a comment below, or ask directly through the comment form.