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Machine Intelligence
First Book, Worst Book

CR-cover-smallSo we start recording the audio drama adaptation of Cold Reboot this weekend. It’ll be a free 9-part audio drama released through the Synesthesia Theatre podcast starting in July, after Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken wraps up. I wrote the adaptation, I’ll be directing the voice actors we’ve cast for the production, and I’ll be doing significant audio engineering afterwards with my Burning Brigid Media co-producer Kat O’Connor.

A Great Cast

The cast is bigger than with our first Synesthesia Theatre project, and we’ll be hearing some new voices along with several actors returning from Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. We were simply blown away by the quality of the auditions we received. Narrowing it down to choose between two equally capable performers was a frequent frustrating problem, but in the end I’m happy with what we’ve got.

Supporters of the Synesthesia Theatre patreon have been given access to several of these audition recordings, if that’s something you’d be interested in hearing. Not a Patron? Not a problem! Just pledge to donate $1 or more per episode to help defray production costs, and you’ll have access to the auditions, Iron Horses’s gag reel, production diaries, and whatever else we can think of.

That’s basically how Patreon supports. You support creators you enjoy financially, and they show their gratitude by giving you extra stuff. It’s worth it.

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Machine Intelligence
First Book, Worst Book
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