Web Serials

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Survival Mode tells the story of five gamers who find themselves jumping from adventure scenario to adventure scenario. The twist is that they are characters in a tabletop rpg Actual Play presented as a serial narrative.

Hero Historia is an alternate history superhero web serial spanning the course of human events from prehistory to the modern era. Each story arc spans twelve weekly episodes and is largely self-contained, though what comes before will always cast its shadow across later events.


These are fiction series and standalone books you can acquire in digital or physical media.

In the Galvanic Century series dilettante Alton Bartleby, inventor James Wainwright, and gentlewoman Aldora Fiske solve mysteries and resolve injustice across the globe in a steampunk Edwardian era where galvanic killers stalk the night, sky pirates plague the skies, and Queen Victoria yet rules from her platinum throne.

The future is a cold place when you don’t have a past in the Shadow Decade cyberpunk series. Marketing exec Erica Crawford lost hers when a coma robbed her of all memory of the last ten years, and not even the FBI knows what she’s been up to. Now she navigates the streets of 2025 Chicago trying to find a place for herself in this cold new wold.

The world is ending, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. How do people cope with loss on an unimaginable scale? How does humanity stand its last hours? With the values we’ve developed over our reign on this Earth, or with the terrible freedom that comes with knowing that there won’t be any consequences for our actions?

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