Hero Historia 5 Years On

Cover Reveal: Lighter than Aether

Back in 2014 I wrote a work of fiction called Hero Historia. It was intended to be an alternate history superhero web serial spanning the course of human events from prehistory to the modern era. Each story arc was to span twelve weekly episodes, and be largely self-contained.

The first season, Jericho Rising, told the story of Clay, a young hunter from the Bear Clan as he comes of age in a world of savage warfare between Clan champions imbued with the power of their totem spirits.

The second season, Aea Watched, is set in ancient Sumer where a young girl comes to terms with the notion that she may be a god – or a demon.

There was no season 3.

Why not? Busy with other things, mostly. And Hero Historia wasn’t getting the traction I wanted. I went on to write Cold Reboot, the first book in my Shadow Decade cyberpunk series.

Anyway, point is I ran across the stories again and gave them a read. Funny the way distance makes them unfamiliar, like something someone else wrote. In a way, it was, but the other person was someone I used to be, writing with five fewer years of experience.

That said, it wasn’t bad. I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the first two as they are to a few online web serial sites – Wattpad, Royal Road – and I’m considering working up a third season.

I like writing serial fiction. I think the internet’s a great medium for it. Maybe I can get more traction with it this time.

If you’d like to read the first two seasons – Jericho Rising and Aea Watched – as ebooks, $3+ supporters on Patreon can download them as .epub or .mobi files.

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Cover Reveal: Lighter than Aether

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