Heroic Expeditions is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons sandbox hexcrawl campaign setting. Each book in the line provides a detailed play area that spans hundreds of thousands of square miles, containing cultures, creatures, species, and adventure locations for players to explore and exploit, designed to make it easy for DMs to modify and drop in their own home-brew creations and adventures

Emergent storytelling through wilderness exploration!

Hexbox is a systemic approach to sandbox hexcrawling designed for use with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons but easily adaptable for use with any fantasy role-playing game. This book lays out the systems and procedures used to streamline the process with an eye towards minimizing GM bookkeeping and keeping the nuts and bolts largely off-screen and invisible to the players. In addition, Hexbox covers creating your own wilderness-centric campaigns for use with the systems detailed, as well as adapting commercial settings.

Included in this 60 page book are Expedition Logs and PC Procedure sheets, a small sample Hexbox campaign insertable into any setting, and the Hexbox system itself.

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The New World

The New World settings are intended to provide an exploratory opportunity for PCs in which the lands they discover are as strange and unusual to them as they are to their characters. A conscious attempt has been made to avoid drawing parallels to either typical euro-centric Tolkien-inspired fantasy settings, and to the real world’s age of exploration.

A new land. New creatures. New hope.

Ibu: The Emerald Canopy is the first wilderness hexcrawl sandbox campaign designed for use with Taoscordian Games’s Hexbox system.

Sent on a mission of exploration and discovery to a new land across the sea, the PCs find themselves in a mysterious jungle inhabited by strange creatures. This setting includes a 5,000 square mile jungle to explore, three new playable races (the amphibian Katak, birdlike Gagak, and the flexible warrior Pulut), ruins to explore and ancient evils to unwittingly release, a system for the discovery of natural resources ripe for exploitation, and storylines presented not as linear plots, but as general situations your players can interact with as they see fit.

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