June 2019

June Was Certainly a Month

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Okay, here’s what I accomplished last month.

Creative Projects

  • Progress on Lighter than Aether. We’re on draft 2. Everything is still on track to have the paperback release in time for my Chicago Steampunk Expo guest appearance.
  • Commissioned Lighter than Aether cover art! Working with an amazing artist this time around. Will eventually post a cover reveal, but my Patreon supporters will get a first look before everyone else.
  • Some work on Wayfarer, but Lighter than Aether is still the focus as its deadline looms.
  • Signed up for the interactive fiction Intro Comp, but I don’t know that I’ll have time to enter anything by the end of July.
  • Really I was mostly working on finishing Lighter Than Aether.

Social Media & Marketing

  • Designing banners and other flair for my Chicago Steampunk Expo appearance.
  • Started posting Fictive Memes. Maybe these count as creative projects?
  • Did some blogging here. Trying to get back into the habit.
  • Vlogged a bit, too.

Hobbies/Free Time

  • Started an indie gaming channel on YouTube. This could probably count as marketing for my game dev stuff, but it’s mostly for funsies.
  • Started talking with some old friends about getting together to play an RPG campaign. In person. For realsies.

Looking into July

For the most part I’m going to try and get the second draft of Lighter than Aether completed and off to my beta readers, so I can spend August polishing it and get hardcopies ordered by the time the Expo rolls around. I’ll try to get some work on the IntroComp entry in there too, somehow. And I hope to get together with my friends to game once or twice.

Busy busy.

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Currently Writing Tag - Authortube

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