Midwestern Requiem

Creeping darkness in America’s heartland.

Midwestern Requiem is a horror serial set in the mythic Midwest of Southern Illinois’s Little Egypt, suburban sprawl trapped between the crumbling outlet malls and the endless fields of corn bisected by lost highways to nowhere. Kitchen witches and small-town teachers stand against eternal winters and the lies we tell ourselves under a land-locked moon.

Each season of the serial will be made up of 7-10 episodes, released monthly. Supporters of Michael Coorlim’s Patreon will be able to vote on the direction that the story takes after each episode. The first episode of each season is available to the general public, and later episodes will be released through Amazon Kindle Unlimited on a delayed schedule. After each season ends its episodes will also be collected in paperback and hardcover.

Season 1



During the solar eclipse a young girl goes missing from a school trip while everyone’s eyes are on the totality. The police, her parents, and her friends are at a loss to find out where’s she’s gone or even to explain her disappearance… but where the ways of the modern world fail, the traditions of old may yet hold hope, but magic always holds its price.

Patreon: Episode One
Amazon: Episode One

Season 2

Open Proxy


Coming mid-2018