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Short Bio:

Michael Coorlim is the author of the Galvanic Century steampunk series, the cyberpunk Shadow Decade series, and the apocalyptic horror short story collection Grief. He’s produced two seasons of the Synesthesia Threatre audiodrama podcast with Burning Brigid Media, adapting his novels Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken and Cold Reboot into full cast audio productions, and designs both computer games and tabletop roleplaying games. He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and their cat.

Long Bio:

Michael Coorlim is a Chicago-based author and producer, co-founder of Burning Brigid Media, and writer of the Galvanic Century series of steampunk mystery thrillers, the cyberpunk series Shadow Decade, and the literary apocalyptic short-story collection Grief.

Before becoming a full-time writer he had survived with a variety of low-paying jobs including mall security officer, call-center operator, chemical plant QA tester, and janitor in a state mental hospital. He much prefers to make a living following his dreams.

He was a freelance copywriter until 2010 or so, when the jobs stopped coming, and spent the next two years taking what temp jobs he could find and couch surfing, homeless. It wasn’t until he started self-publishing his fiction in December of 2011 that he managed a stable income, and by the end of 2012 was pulling in four figures in royalties each month.

He continues to write and publish, and in late 2014 co-founded the production company Burning Brigid Media to address issues of representation and diversity in entertainment media. He produces tabletop roleplaying game supplements under the Taoscordian Games imprint, and dabbles in computer game design.

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