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Synesthesia Theatre: An Audio Drama Podcast
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Burning Brigid Media has just wrapped production on the second season of the Synesthesia Theatre podcast, an adaptation of my science fiction thriller Cold Reboot.

Now, when we finished Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken I told myself, “Self, we have way too many actors. Audio Drama is easier to produce with a handful of roles.

So what did I do when adapting Cold Reboot? Cast even more actors of course!

I mean, I tried. The story focuses almost exclusively on the protagonist, Erica. However, there are a lot of secondary characters, and even more roles who deliver one or two lines and then vanish. That’s… well. it’s not easy.

Two things were our saving grace this time around.

We had an actual studio


Thanks to our audio guy and actor-comedian Bill Bullock, we actually scored a pretty sweet recording space. While this meant that every recording day we had to schlep down with our script stands and gear, the improved baffling meant that we didn’t have to stop every time a plane flew overhead or a dog barked.

And the floors didn’t squeak. So. Bonus.

We knew what we were doing

This wasn’t our first rodeo. Iron Horses was, and it taught us a lot about smoothing out our process, lessons we were able to apply during the recording of Cold Reboot. We finished recording all nine episodes over only three days.

Thanks a ton to our actors and for the kind people at Cards Against Humanity for allowing us access to their recording studio. It made a world of difference in both the smoothness of our production timeline, and in the quality of the audio we ended up with.

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Synesthesia Theatre: An Audio Drama Podcast
Experimentation Gone Wrong

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