The future is a cold place when you don’t have a past.

Marketing exec Erica Crawford lost hers when a coma robbed her of all memory of the last ten years, and not even the FBI knows what she’s been up to.

Now she wanders the streets of 2025 Chicago, trying to get by on a meager allowance of government assistance credits, without friends, funds, or a work history within the last decade.

Finding herself alone on the streets of 2025’s Chicago, Erica Crawford struggles to come to grips with the massive social and technological changes that took place over a decade she can’t remember. With no savings, no recent work history, no contacts, and very little government assistance, it’s all she can do to try and adapt while avoiding death at the hands of mysterious strangers who seem determined to end her.

The only clues she has to her missing years are a set of highly honed skills that seem more suited to a secret agent than a marketing executive. Will they be enough to keep her alive long enough to uncover whatever secrets in her past are behind the attempts on her life?

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Spring has come to Chicago, but it hasn’t brought recent-amnesiac Erica Crawford much relief. While her memories of the last decade have yet to return, her attention is focused on the massive public housing Block she calls home – and the vicious gangs targeting her climate refugee neighbors.

It’ll take every last one of Erica’s phenomenal skills to help her community protect themselves from the intolerance stirred up against them, but if she fails they’ll all pay the price.

#3 Open Proxy

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Synesthesia Theatre S2: Cold Reboot

The second season of the Synesthesia Theatre audiodrama is an adaptation of Cold Reboot, the first novel in the Shadow Decade series of cyberpunk fiction. This 9-episode serial was performed by a full-cast.

Listen to the first episode at Burning Brigid Media

Having published the fifth Galvanic Century book, Ghosts of Shaolin, I’m going to take a break and work on a new series, Shadow Decade.