Shadow Decade


The future is a cold place when you don’t have a past.

Marketing exec Erica Crawford lost hers when a coma robbed her of all memory of the last ten years, and not even the FBI knows what she’s been up to.

Now she wanders the streets of 2025 Chicago, trying to get by on a meager allowance of government assistance credits, without friends, funds, or a work history within the last decade.

A lot of people struggle to get by on the streets of the future – but how many of them are stalked by assassins sent by a past they can’t remember? How many of them have to rely on strange skills and muscle memory to survive?

Between the drone filled skies up above, and the rumbling of the El trains down below, Erica’s only hope is to adapt to the streets of a world where technoshock can be as deadly as a hit-man’s pistol.


Cold Reboot

Cold Reboot
Shadow Decade Book 1




Network Protocol

Network Protocol
Shadow Decade Book 2

Coming Spring 2017



Open Proxy

Open Proxy
Shadow Decade Book 3

Coming Summer 2017


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