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No Mo Blank Page - Devlog 1
Murder by Clockwork - Devlog 1

While this is the point at which I’m starting to document my adventures in game development, I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the process. In grade school I had a habit of picking up microcomputers at garage sales and teaching myself whatever version of BASIC they used… I remember having a TRS-80, an Atari 400, and a TS1000 while in grade school, and a Commodore 64 in high school.

I don’t really remember the details, but I made some kind of graphic-mode action games, as well as designed a text adventure parser capable of interpreting two-word command phrases.

In high school I discovered that someone had done most of the work for me, and I began to dabble with game creation toolkits like SSI’s Unlimited Adventures and TADS and the Adventure Game Toolkit. It was never enough for me, though, I always wanted to do more than the programs would let me, I always dug deep into modifying what I could and working around what I couldn’t.

After high school I majored in Computer Science, taking classes in HTML and COBOL and such, ostensibly to get work resolving the Y2K issues, but really just because I wanted to make video games.

It’s a lot easier these days. We had communities in the past – forums and usenet groups – but nothing like it is now, with Game Jams and game dev discords and everything else. The tools are better, too, more user-friendly, with better support and third-party libraries and many more options.

Current Projects:

So I’m not really starting from scratch. In fact, I’m involved in a few projects right now.


Wayfarer is a work of audio interactive fiction I’ve been working on for Burning Brigid Media. It was supposed to be a fairly quick demo, but midway through last year I ran into a problem with app permissions, and I’ve been taking Android Development courses to figure out what I need to do. I’ll likely start it over as a native Android app.

Murder By Clockwork

Murder By Clockwork is simpler – a Twine game I’m creating for my Patrons, set in the world of the Galvanic Century steampunk mystery novels that I write. But I couldn’t make “just a Twine game,” oh no, I need to fuss around with image maps, javascript, and CSS.

So I’ll be working on Murder By Clockwork, Wayfarer when I’m at the point where I feel confident in the Android Dev lessons I’ve been taking, and other, shorter-scope side projects as we go along.

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No Mo Blank Page - Devlog 1
Murder by Clockwork - Devlog 1

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