Medium-Sized Game Projects

Games that took a few months to a year to complete.

Rascal and the Bandit


Rascal and the Bandit is the first episode of the serial interactive fiction game Zeitgeist 1980, ported from Twine into Godot using Inkle’s Ink markup language.



Eschatown is a collaborative turn-based PRG project I’m writing for with designer and programmer Jospeh Hocking. Early days on this, but feel free to download the demo.

Jam Entries, Experiments, and Small Projects

Project that, generally speaking, took less than a month to complete.



Top down 2d shooter – blast the dreaded Cosmonoptera space hive as the relentless Extreminator.

Demon Descent


Simple action game inspired by Taito’s 1974 Speed Race. The War in Heaven has failed, but first one to the pit gets to be Satan!

Zeitgeist 1980 Prototype


Choice-based text game inspired by 1980’s action-comedy movies Any Which Way You Can and Smokey and the Bandit II. Written for NaNoTwiMo.

Space Junk


Single-button arcade style game inspired by Atari’s 1973 game Space Race. First attempted Godot project. Playable in a browser.



Gamebook wrapper for ink-Unity integration. Not much of a game, but includes character traits and dice rolling.

Let the World Burn


RPGMaker project about a group of strangers who wake up in a seemingly abandoned facility. Only a prelude.

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