I’ve always found games to be an excellent medium for story, so strive to develop ones with a strong narrative focus supported by the gameplay.

Interactive Fiction

It’s New Year’s Day, 1980, and you’ve been sent to stay with your irresponsible cousin Colt in small town mountain Danja County  while your parents celebrate their second honeymoon. He spends all of his time drinking and smoking down at the small community’s only bar – when he isn’t making you drive his truck down narrow mountain passes due to his suspended license.


A dozen strangers find themselves amnesia-stricken in a strange facility with no clues as to how they got there save for the wailing of alarms and the flashing of lights. Amidst the noise and chaos they try to get a handle on who they are, and whether they can trust one-another – and what happened to the staff that should be watching over them.


Minigame Marathon is a game development project in which I rapidly prototype a series of small-scope simple games, both to sharpen my skills and to get a lot of little games out there in the wild quickly. If any seem particularly popular I’ll polish them up and develop them further.

Supporters on my Patreon will get game releases one iteration in advance of what's available publicly.

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