Zeitgeist 1980 is an interactive fiction game set in the world of cinematic 1980, drawing inspiration from classic movies, television, and cartoons of the year. It’s broken up into four episodes, released as a serial and building off of one another, each drawing from different shows.

Become a Nerd, Goth, Punk, Jock, Rich Kid, Queen Bee, Preppie, or Skater. As a player you’ll create a character by means of taking a quiz, sorting yourself into an 80s movie teen archetype. You’ll play this same character through each episode, making important choices whose consequences will span the entire series, determining who you are and what you stand for.

Maybe your character is a bit of a jerk, who needs to learn how to be more compassionate. Or a pushover who needs to learn to stand up for themselves.

The context of these choices may have an immediate effect on your situation, but your substance over the course of each episode determines your character arc. Is it positive? Negative? Do you learn from your mistakes, or double-down on them?

There is no victory or failure. Only consequence.

Choice-Based Interactive Fiction

Play through a story inspired by the action comedy films of 1980.

  • Play as an 80s teen archetype
  • Elements from Smokey and the Bandit II and Any Which Way You Can
  • Your choices guide the narrative, your flaws determine your character arc
  • Plays on Windows, Mac, Linux

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