In the Galvanic Century series dilettante Alton Bartleby, inventor James Wainwright, and gentlewoman Aldora Fiske solve mysteries and resolve injustice across the globe in a steampunk Edwardian era where galvanic killers stalk the night, sky pirates plague the skies, and Queen Victoria yet rules from her platinum throne.

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There have been six released novels in the Galvanic Century series of steampunk mysteries and thrillers. Each stands well on its own, but they are presented here in chronological order.

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bartleby and james steampunk cover

#1 Bartleby and James

Inventor James Wainwright’s greatest desire is to be left alone in his workshop, where he can focus on invention and engineering unsullied by the messiness of London society and the meaningless concerns of its upper classes. His financial patron, gentleman Alton Bartleby, has higher aspirations. To continue to receive funding James will have to venture out into the outside world as a detective, turning his inventive genius to the creation of new forensic technologies.

#2 A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles

London society holds many expectations for gentlewoman Aldora Fiske. Despite her great proficiency at the great game of the social season, Lady Fiske chafes at the restrictions her social position holds for her. It’s only far from the prying eyes and wagging tongues of London parlors that she can truly live the life that she craves.

She’ll find adventure with pirates high above the London streets, in the far off jungles of Mexico, and in the heart of the aging Ottoman Empire.

March of the Cogsmen cover

#3 March of the Cogsmen

At long last, gentleman detective Alton Bartleby is set to wed his fiance of almost a decade, Aldora Fiske. The wedding is off to a rough start with the bride still recovering from a kidnapping in the middle-east and the groom showing up drunk, and matters only get worse when powerful half-man half-automatons mount an assault on the ceremony.

#4 Dreams of the Damned

With his partner married, brilliant engineer James Wainwright is at a loose end. When Scotland Yard asks for help with a hostage situation at a mental hospital, he’s only too eager to lend a hand – particularly after he meets the winsome Doctor Loni Teague.

His partner socialite Bartleby, however, has a personal connection – Bedford is the institution into which he had his embarrassment of a father committed a decade ago, and now the old man has asked for him personally.

#5 Ghosts of Shaolin

James Wainwright never thought of himself a father, he’s grown to love and cherish Xin Yan, the girl he rescued all those years ago. When she’s taken from him, first by the courts, then by Triad kidnappers, the engineer will stop at nothing to get her back.

He’ll go from Chinatown to Hong Kong to Beijing, fearlessly contending with gangsters, rogue inventors, monks, and heads of state, letting none deter him.

#6 Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken

Detective Alton Bartleby must scour the American Southwest for the sister he exiled ten years ago, desperate to find her before her jilted ex-fiance kills them both.

#7 Lighter than Aether

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